Organizing & Feng Shui

Confidence, Energy & Prosperity

“When I began working with Claire, my office was a dumping ground for all of the ‘miscellaneous’ items in the house. I run my business from my house, and I hated going into the office each day. It was so bad, I even worked from the living room couch for a while!

I thought feng shui was an ‘out there’ concept, ‘newfangled mumbo jumbo’, and wouldn’t work for me, but I knew I needed help with organizing and clearing out clutter. So, I decided to work with Claire Amber. Claire consulted with me over the phone, and through photos and written diagrams, she was able to guide me on how to approach my office and take it back. She broke things down into easy-to-digest steps and encouraged me with every step. She was always there to guide me through getting organized, clearing the clutter, and rearranging my office to utilize feng shui concepts.

I was completely amazed at how much self-discovery happened when I started dealing with the environment around me! I didn’t plan on believing in the use of feng shui, but I’ve seen the results, not only personally, but professionally. I feel stronger and more confident in myself and my business. My business projects and revenue have increased. I have more energy, and I’m getting more done on a daily basis. The clutter clearing and organizing has even begun to spread to other parts of the house, and I have a feeling use of feng shui in other areas isn’t far behind.

I want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to Claire, and I encourage anyone who needs to take back a room or space in their home or office to contact her immediately.”

Jill Heisterkamp, Missouri

Heiste Communications

Effective Solutions & Powerful Changes

“I and my family are very grateful for your services as a Feng Shui consultant. You gave an accurate analysis with effective solutions. We have experienced powerful changes, within our home environment which have created noticeable change in our family dynamic and for our work. We feel we are now maximising what was already here and finally getting things moving in the right direction. Thank you.”

Catherine, U.K.

Greater Focus & Productivity

“I had Claire Amber come into my space in a serious time of transition. Things had been stagnant in my life and in my home, and I was asking for some things to shift in a positive direction. Claire came to my home and interviewed me in a very personal way; she really got to know who I was and what I was looking for. Then we walked around my home and she pointed out various things that could be causing the energy not to flow, as well as things that were really working.”

She spent a few hours with me really going through possibilities. She would suggest a change and I would say “I can’t do that, can we do something else?” and she would suggest a variation. Or I would reply “Brilliant! Let’s set that up right now!” And we would do it right then.

It’s made all the difference in my home and in my life in general. I am more focused, getting more work done at home, resting better, and I attracted an amazing roommate! I can’t wait to finish implementing all of her suggestions (like repainting a wall or two), but I can tell even all of the small things that worked wonders. (And her laugh is magical!)”

Jen Murphy, Boulder

Lightness, Fun & Forgotten Treasures

“Claire Amber really inspired me to declutter and clear the things that were affecting me, on a daily basis. I had no idea, but even getting into the same cluttered drawer every morning was a part of it!

I started to look at things I wasn’t using & how they were causing everyday frustrations that were affecting my energy and mood. Her webinar about feng shui & clutter clearing was very informative and sparked a flame of change in me!

Daily movements towards more and more clearing has been fun and very freeing, both physically and emotionally. I have disposed of things I was holding onto with fear and hurt all in the background without even realizing it. In my desire to let go of the excess stuff, I’ve also found treasured items that I had forgotten about!

A fresh energy, lightness, and more fun are all more noticeable as I move about my day. I highly recommend her services to anyone! She will guide and instruct you from wherever you are.

Thank you Claire for being YOU, Miss Fired Up Diva! You are a natural spark for change!”

Marilou, Indiana

Business Owner

Cat Sitting

Trustworthy, Respectful, Tidy & Loving

“The lovely Claire stayed at my house a little over a week and tended to my sweet Kitty, Togy.  I felt very reassured knowing that she was tending to the house and plants, as well.  She is very trustworthy, respectful, tidy and loving.  When I arrived home it was apparent that my kitty companion was loved up and very happy.  I would recommend Claire to anyone as a wonderful Cat nanny!”

Asiana, Denver

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