Domestic Wellness

Is your home a beautiful, harmonious sanctuary, or are you battling with clutter and disorganization, every day?

Do you have a solid self-care routine, or has a lack of healthy structure impacted how you care for your body temple?

Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, fatigue, or overwhelm?

Jazzed at Home is a domestic wellness blog which addresses all of these challenges, and more.

Spiritual Living

According to feng shui, our homes have a major influence on our health, experience of life, connection with the Universe, and what we’re able to call in. A home that has the most supportive chi is generally clean, clutter-free, organized, well-maintained, beautiful & harmonious.

Using my own life and healing journey as an example, I address overall wellness with a holistic feng shui approach. I use other spiritual and practical tools that harmonize with feng shui, as well.

My intention is to help you design your life consciously, heal your body temple and your mind, create a nourishing home environment, live in greater harmony with the Earth, and align with the Divine.

A Little About Me

Claire Amber - Fired Up Diva - Jazzed at Home

Hello! My name is Claire Amber. I’m also known as Fired Up Diva because of my sassy personality and my focus on cultivating life force energy.

I am a feng shui life coach, organizing expert, and author of the book From Burned Out to Fired Up: Fabulous Feng Shui Secrets for Feeling Happy, Confident, Sassy, and Radiant. I’m also a cook, artist, and cat person. And, I’m passionate about interior design and green living. 

I wanted to create a space where I could share about my various interests & discoveries, regarding domestic wellness, showcase my handmade art and decor, and highlight my domestic wellness services

From Burned Out to Fired Up by Claire Amber

Support & Membership

I love to keep things streamlined & clutter-free, whenever possible. So, you won’t find a single Google Ad, here. Yay!!

I would appreciate your support in keeping this website running and creating financial sustainability, though, if you feel so inclined.

I welcome donations and I have a membership program via Patreon, for those who want exclusive posts.

Blessings & Happy Exploring!

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Enchanting Home

According to feng shui, the state of our homes affects all aspects of our lives, including our chi and well-being. So, it’s important to take really good care of them. In this category, you’ll find posts about clutter clearing, organizing, feng shui, green cleaning, interior design, art, etc.

Happy Body

Without our health, we have nothing, right? I’ve been on a journey to heal from obesity, insulin resistance, and a spinal injury. I’m also dealing with perimenopause symptoms. In this category, I share about my experiences with holistic health, fitness, natural bath and body care, and more. 

Flexitarian Savvy

I’ve always been obssessed with food, but since my 20’s, I’ve been trying to clean up my body temple and eat more of the right foods. I will admit that I am a nutrition geek and I love to cook. My focus is eating mostly plants and reducing chronic inflammation. I post about recipes, meal ideas, food prep, and nutrition.

Inspired Mind

I’ve experienced a lot of trauma and I am a highly sensitive person. Since my spiritual awakening began, I’ve made healing my mind one of my main focuses. In the Inspired Mind category, I’ll share about some of my experiences with healing, empowerment, spirituality, psychology, and more.



Art & Decor

Art & Decor



Confidence, Energy & Prosperity

“When I began working with Claire, my office was a dumping ground for all of the ‘miscellaneous’ items in the house. I run my business from my house, and I hated going into the office each day. It was so bad, I even worked from the living room couch for a while!

I thought feng shui was an ‘out there’ concept, ‘newfangled mumbo jumbo’, and wouldn’t work for me, but I knew I needed help with organizing and clearing out clutter. So, I decided to work with Claire Amber. Claire consulted with me over the phone, and through photos and written diagrams, she was able to guide me on how to approach my office and take it back. She broke things down into easy-to-digest steps and encouraged me with every step. She was always there to guide me through getting organized, clearing the clutter, and rearranging my office to utilize feng shui concepts.

I was completely amazed at how much self-discovery happened when I started dealing with the environment around me! I didn’t plan on believing in the use of feng shui, but I’ve seen the results, not only personally, but professionally. I feel stronger and more confident in myself and my business. My business projects and revenue have increased. I have more energy, and I’m getting more done on a daily basis. The clutter clearing and organizing has even begun to spread to other parts of the house, and I have a feeling use of feng shui in other areas isn’t far behind.

I want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to Claire, and I encourage anyone who needs to take back a room or space in their home or office to contact her immediately.”

Jill Heisterkamp

Heiste Communications

If you have any questions or would like my help with the services & products offered, feel free to contact me.

Serious inquiries only, please. No soliciting.

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