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Art & Decor

Glass Magnets

Beautiful & Useful

Do you have travel, pet, nature, family, or other favorite photographs that you would like made into customized magnets?

These magnets have multiple functions and can be used to:

  • enhance the energy of a particular gua (feng shui)
  • set your intention for things you would like to bring into your life…like you could use your fridge as a vision board
  • remind you of vacations and other happy times
  • represent your beloved family members and pets
  • bring a bit of nature inside, in a way that’s long-lasting
  • keep items organized on your refrigerator or in your home office, i.e. shopping lists, reminders, etc.

Glass Picture Magnets - Autumn Glory

Customized Just for You

The magnets shown here are made using glass gems that are irregularly shaped and do have imperfections, like bubbles and scratches. I think that’s part of what makes them fun and fabulous, personally, because they’re more organic and feminine. But, I can use more uniform glass gems, if you prefer. They may still have imperfections, but they’re usually not as pronounced.

Cost of a pre-made set is $20 for 6, plus shipping and handling. The collections shown here are “Autumn Glory” (above), “Mauevelous Paris”, “Ginger Cats”, and “Spring Garden”.

If you want to use your own images, customization does involve some graphic design magic and other administrative tasks, so there is an additional customization fee of $10+, depending on the complexity.

Contact me to get started.


Customized Handmade Dreamcatchers

Channeling Grandmother Spider

In 2016, I was in women’s group and one of the volunteers was an art teacher. She taught us how to make a dreamcatcher, using wooden embroidery hoops and other more rustic materials.

I discovered that I had a knack for weaving these (particularly since the spider is one of my spirit animals) and I wanted to make a dreamcatcher for a friend’s birthday.

Ooh, Shiny!!

I went to the fabric store to hunt for materials, and what I came out with was shiny gold hoops, a melange of gorgeous, glamorous beads, and rather realistic looking butterflies. Instead of having the traditional rustic look, these beaded dreamcatchers came out looking posh and elegant, as that’s more my style.

Gettin’ Crafty

I started making these, while parked in the library and various coffee shops around Boulder. That gave me something creative and constructive to do, during the day. People would approach me and ask me to make custom pieces for them. I also sold the dreamcatchers at a variety of events, around town, like craft fairs.

I was pleasantly surprised at how popular they were and how much I loved making them. I eventually branched out into other things, like handmade greeting cards and the magnets featured, above, but these dreamcatchers are what got me started in developing decorative items for the home. They were also part of the inspiration for this business scheme and website.

Unique Designs

No two of my dreamcatchers are exactly alike, because while I might get inspiration from a pattern I’ve done, before, I don’t make copies. People have suggested that I copy them and crank them out for wholesale. My response has invariably been, “Thanks, but I’m an artist, not a machine”. Actually, the designs often come to me, as I’m creating them, so I do feel that they’re somewhat inspired by Spirit.

Customized Dreamcatchers

I really enjoy making customized pieces, where my customers pick the size, colors, and accent that they want, for their dreamcatcher(s).

I’m really into the use of intention, so I might ask them if they have a favorite number, because I can usually weave that in. For example, if they said their favorite number was six, I could use a 12 knot design and put beads on six of the rows, like the dreamcatcher featured, to the left. In addition, I usually ask for three words that the customer wants me to focus on, while weaving their piece.

It’s always fun to see what comes out, with the combination of their preferences + my inspiration. I think the pieces hold extra meaning that way, too.



I love using butterflies, dragonflies, crystal drop beads (in the center), silk flowers, and other accents. I don’t normally use feathers. That doesn’t mean that these dreamcatchers are incomplete. They’re just different. 


The lore behind dreamcatchers is that they are meant to protect children from bad dreams. I hold that intention in mind, as I’m weaving. I can also meditate on three words, chosen by the customer, to weave additional meaning and magic into a piece. Of course, these are not limited to children. Adults need support with filtering out bad dreams, too, right?!

Harmony & Color Schemes

Because I am a feng shui practitioner, it’s important to me that these harmonize with the space that they are intended for. That usually means matching your color scheme (as much as I can), and being deliberate in the choosing of patterns and accents (if any).


Small (6″ hoop): $30

Small with Accent: $35


Medium (7″ hoop): $45

Medium with Accent: $50


Large (10″ hoop): $60

Large with Accent: $65


Extra-Large (12″ hoop): $75

Extra-Large with Accent: $80

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