Organizing Guidance

What’s Weighing You Down?

In feng shui, clutter and disorganization are thought to create stagnant energy.  They can weigh you down, drain your chi & impede ALL areas of your life, making you feel lethargic, depressed, sick and impoverished. They can also keep opportunities, relationships, and prosperity away.

The Reasons Behind the Mess

There are SO many reasons why we end up with clutter and disorganization. Sometimes, it’s just that we’re busy or we never learned better, but often, it’s our underlying beliefs and blocks that create the conditions. Here are some of the common reasons behind the mess:

    • Habits and learned behaviors
    • Fear of letting go/scarcity mentality
    • Overwhelm, depression, feeling hopeless
    • Using clutter as a barrier of “protection”
    • Desire for safety (Ego, Inner Child)
    • Perfectionism – all-or-nothing outlook
    • Not feeling worthy of having nice things or a well-ordered space
    • Lack of trust and faith in the Universe to provide
    • Numbing/not wanting to feel emotions
    • Our society’s focus on materialism
    • Lack of healthy boundaries and structure
    • A poverty mentality and issues with self-worth
    • Expectations to keep items that were gifted to us
    • Judgements about people being “anal retentive” or “neat freaks”

    Energy, Clarity, Peace-of-Mind

    The good news is that by organizing your stuff, addressing the mental and emotional patterns that created the disorder, and using feng shui to intentionally redesign your space, you can infuse energy into every aspect of your life! You can also gain mental clarity, as well as peace-of-mind, when you’re not confronted with a bunch of chaos and confusion, all-the-time. 

    There are some instances in which it makes the most sense for me to come in and tackle a project (if you’re local to Boulder). However, what I’m really interested in is teaching you healthier habits that you can use to make better decisions, prevent clutter and chaos from taking over, again, and keep your home in good shape.

    Before & Afters

    Desk Area

    My client couldn’t really access her desk, in this tiny room at the front of her apartment. And even when she could, it was piled high with stuff. Not exactly good conditions for peaceful productivity.

    We moved the music cabinet and stereo (lower left) to a different area, cleared off the desk, and tidied up the magazines and newspapers.

    Now, there’s room for her to maneuver, the space around and under the desk is clearer, freeing up the chi around her legs and feet, she has free access to the window, and the space looks much tidier and more cared for. Also, the beauty of the graceful furniture really shines, as do the beloved prints of productions that she has designed costumes for.

    People think that organizing is about being overly controlling. But really, when it’s done well, it’s meant to create more freedom and flexibility, plus better use of the items and the space. 

    Organizing "Before" Pic - Office Area
    Organizing "After" Pic - Office Area

    Living Room

    This loveseat, near the front door of my client’s apartment, was a catch-all for a variety of items, such as garments, books, magazines, sewing tools, and other things she would toss on it, when she came in the door or as she moved around her apartment.

    There was rarely enough room to actually sit and she was constantly having to move things out of the way. The scenario was not exactly inviting or relaxing. 

    It definitely needed some organizing and decluttering. The couch also needed a bit of repositioning, as it was sitting at a very odd angle. 

    The front area of your home, called the Ming Tang in feng shui, is very important. It’s the transition from the crazy busy outside world to the more peaceful inner world of your home. This area should ideally be clean, organized, inviting, spacious, and beautiful.

    We repositioned the couch, cleared the extra items off of it, placed the magazine rack on the side closer to the door, and brought the stereo cabinet and speaker over from the other room. 

    This space feels much more inviting, now. The changes here were small, but they made a big difference.

    My Story

    My name is Claire Amber and I’m a feng shui master, clutter clearing coach, energy healer, and author of “From Burned Out to Fired Up: Fabulous Feng Shui Secrets for Feeling Happy, Confident, Sassy and Radiant.”

    All through my 20’s, I dealt with bipolar depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, mysterious pains and indicators of low-immune function. Just before I turned 30, I discovered that a long-standing spinal injury was likely the root of all of those ailments. I soon had a vision that letting go of pretty much everything was the path to my healing.

    I was always more-or-less organized, but I had been operating from a poverty mentality and was definitely a clutter bug. It took a while to sort through my stuff, but I committed to the process and it was very healing for me. I feel that the clarity that I gained led to me to the right doctors to help me with my spine. I’m also happy to report that, while I still identify as a highly sensitive person, my mental health has been much more stable, over the past 11 years. 

    I’ve  experienced so much more connection to Spirit (inspiration), happiness, energy & abundance, without all the excess stuff in the way! I’ve had varying amounts of belongings, since that initial purging, and I still have to be mindful of what I take in and hold onto. But, the skills that I learned are still with me and I use them all-the-time. 

    Because clearing my clutter was so significant in my life, I knew that I wanted to help others do the same. I also love creating order out of chaos. It’s one of my favorite things. Plus, feng shui is really powerful and magical and having a clean, decluttered and well-ordered space are essential to having good energy flow. 

    Organizing is part of feng shui. For a broader perspective,

    please check out my feng shui page, as well. 

    Lightness, Fun & Freedom

    “Claire Amber really inspired me to declutter and clear the things that were affecting me, on a daily basis. I had no idea, but even getting into the same cluttered drawer every morning was a part of it!

    I started to look at things I wasn’t using & how they were causing everyday frustrations that were affecting my energy and mood. Her webinar about feng shui & clutter clearing was very informative and sparked a flame of change in me!

    Daily movements towards more and more clearing has been fun and very freeing, both physically and emotionally. I have disposed of things I was holding onto with fear and hurt all in the background without even realizing it. In my desire to let go of the excess stuff, I’ve also found treasured items that I had forgotten about!

    A fresh energy, lightness, and more fun are all more noticeable as I move about my day. I highly recommend her services to anyone! She will guide and instruct you from wherever you are.

    Thank you Claire for being YOU, Miss Fired Up Diva! You are a natural spark for change!”

    Marilou, Indiana

    Business Owner

    Benefits of Getting Organized


    Clarity & Focus


    Beautiful Home

    Healthy Structure

    Joie de Vivre


    Fuller Social Life

    Get Organizing Guidance

    If you have a moderate amount of clutter and disorganization, you are ready to take full responsibility for it, and willing to change your habits, I would love to help you get sorted.

    I offer organizing guidance via private lessons that are tailored to your specific needs. I focus on the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, as well as the logistics.

    If you are in the Boulder area, I may be able to do some work with you, in-person. Remote lessons are sometimes the most effective, however, as they can serve to keep you from getting overly territorial and me from getting overwhelmed by your stuff.

    The most important thing is that we have a good vibe between us &  you’re ready and willing to do the inner work, as well as the outer.

    Organizing Guidance is best done in a series of sessions, to ensure positive results. How many you’ll need will depend on the scope of your situation and your goals. Sessions are $75-90 per hour, depending on whether you need feng shui consulting, as well.

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