Cat Sitting

I love cats! I grew up with cats and feel that I have a special vibe with them and understanding of their behavior.

Even the shyest ones tend to respond well to me, because I give them space and let them come to me. Cats sometimes come out from their porches to greet me, when I’m walking through my neighborhood. I think it’s that I have a very cat-like spirit, myself, and they respond to that. I don’t have any cats of my own, at this time, but I would love to hang out with yours, while you’re away.

I live in downtown Boulder. Because I rely on the bus system, I need to keep daytime visits to Boulder, only. I prefer overnights and would be willing to consider gigs in Boulder, Lafayette, Louisville, or Longmont.

Re: COVID, I am vaccinated. I will plan to clean/sanitize any areas or materials that I used or touched, while in your home. I’m happy to take additional precautions, within reason, as requested.

In addition to caring for your fur babies, I’d be happy to bring in the mail and newspapers, water your plants, etc.


Some Cats I've Sat For

Client Testimonial

“The lovely Claire stayed at my house a little over a week and tended to my sweet Kitty, Togy.  I felt very reassured knowing that she was tending to the house and plants, as well.  She is very trustworthy, respectful, tidy and loving.  When I arrived home it was apparent that my kitty companion was loved up and very happy.  I would recommend Claire to anyone as a wonderful Cat nanny!” 

Asiana, Denver

Schedule Cat Sitting

Are you going on a trip, where you can’t take your precious kitties? Instead of putting them in a kennel, keep them happy by allowing them to remain in their own territory.

I would be happy to care for your cats in your home. I can also bring in the mail, water your plants, and keep a watchful eye on your home. Additional services may be arranged, if desired, such as oranizing and meal prep.

At this time, I am only doing overnights, in and around Boulder, Colorado. Cat sitting starts at $75 per night.

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